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You may want to start by asking students what idioms are and if they can recognize the one in the picture (reach/shoot for the starts)

Suggested time: 1 minute




Prior to the warm-up, ask students if they have ever heard of the idiom “take a rain check” and what it means. The warm-up activate students' schemata about the use of idioms in English and in other languages. Students can work in pairs or in small groups and share ideas about the questions.

Suggested time: 5 minutes



Show each idiom in the slide and work on pronunciation. Then, hand out Worksheet 1 with idioms and have students work in small groups and guess the meaning. Hand out Worksheet 2 and have them check their answers at the end of the activity and record their score in the worksheet.

Suggested time: 10 minutes


Ask students to reflect on a possible equivalent of this idiom in their languages/dialects. If there is an equivalent, ask them to write it in the original language (they can explain it in English but having them write in the original language is important).

Suggested time: 10 minutes


Get students to work in groups and ask each student to pick one idiom in English and one idiom in their first language/dialect. Encourage students to speak the second idiom in their first language and explain it in English during the presentation. Have groups present their scene in front of the class. Tell the groups that the audience will identify the idioms used.

Suggested time: 15 minutes



Ask the 2 questions to the whole class and have them share a few thoughts.

Suggested time: 5 minutes







This is the end of task 5. For a copy of this task and worksheets, download the documents below.





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