Ask students what an intercultural encounter is. An intercultural encounter can be an experience between people from different countries or between individuals from different cultural backgrounds in the same country. E.g., regional, linguistic, ethnic or religious backgrounds.

Suggested time: 2 minutes


This warm-up activates students schemata about places where they can have intercultural encounters. First, ask them where they have had intercultural encounters. Second, show the topics. Finally, ask students to share a few examples.

Suggested time: 5 minutes





Ask students this question as a lead in to the next activity. Providing a few examples can help your students remember some of their own.

Suggested time: 2 minutes






Allow students a couple of minutes to reflect on the questions in the slide. Have them take a few notes to facilitate the next activity.

Suggested time: 2 minutes






Have students work in groups and share their stories. As a listening task, ask students to make notes of what they have learned from their colleagues. Finally, get students to share a few interesting ideas they have learned.

Suggested time:15 minutes





Ask the question to the whole class and have them share a few thoughts.

Suggested time: 5 minutes









This is the end of task 8. For a copy of this task, download the PDF document below.





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